Tuesday, 31 July 2007


using the same old templates provided by blogspot is sickening as well.
i need something creative.
something outstanding.
something nice.
something cute.
something specially designed.
something different. yeah thats the word.
thats y;
i need someone to help me create something different aside from the templates available in blogspot.

photoshop-ing is tiring.

i was looking through the whole load of pictures that i took whilst i was in the states.
there are like hundreds of them.

i started this blog when i was there. out of boredom of cos. at that time (when i decided to have this public blog), i was thinking i could actually blog at this site everyday i want because (back then,) i was sooo free. but then again, after havin this blog, i was too lazy to update it. not until... i came back penang to study n soon revived back the blog.

and now, i have the whole load of pics that was supposed and meant to be posted up that time.
n i had to phoshop (photoshop) it. and it took me a longgg time to phoshop it and rephoshop some which i had phoshopped weeks ago.although all i did was to add in "raspberriescherry.blogspot.com/raspberries" and later tried to adjust the opacity and then resized the size of the pics. but hell, it took me so long alltogether.*pengsan* i started doing the phoshop thing soon after i settled down in room earlier. n it's now close to 6pm. and i have forgotten to have my tea. :(

i hate to do the photoshop thingy. bah!
decided to stop doing the phoshop thingy cos i am getting tired n my shoulders ache. uh!
but i'm relieved cos i managed to rephoshop some of the pics for the time being.

stay tuned.
pics will be uploaded soon.

ps: can anyone actually teach me how to do the phoshop thingy in an easier way?
ur help wil be very very much appreciated!

Sunday, 29 July 2007


0ne of my fav dishes;

J's homemade pasta, with
kielbasa on upper lef;,
and the overbaked garlic bread on upper middle.

dont mind the overbaked garlic bread.
they stil taste as delicious as the less overbaked's.
i have always prefer and like to hv my pasta with extra topping of shredded parmesan.
it's orgasmic.

it's irresistable.

was actually thinking to cook pasta this week cos i've been missing it for the past week. and was tempted to buy the ingredients when i went for grocery shopping at tesco last night. but at the end decided not to as i can't store up either the left-over ingredients nor the pasta inside the fridge as the fridge is always and forever loaded with veggies. fruits. etc. u name it, the fridge has it.for if i were to cook it, i would like to..cook a lot n store it up just so that i can have it for the rest of week.

mind u.(no, i wouldn't get sick of eating the same old food everyday. i dont even hav to think about what to eat everyday. and i don't even have to cook. all i need to do is just reheat the readily cooked meal isn't it great?) i wanted to do that (to cook my food on sun, and store it up n have it tru'out the week)

but well, too bad i can't.

but stil i can always toast to the food on the pictures. cheers and glory to the food! whee


Man. Im desperately in need of going back to kch. Oh my lord.

im counting my days to go back.
Some more even when I’m in class or even when I’m doing my work infront of my lappie, or reading a book, my mind stretches back to the time I had overthere with the 3 lovely hilarious human and it makes me desperately wanting and craving to go back there. and that is holy sad ok.

I even have the ability to daydream with my eyes staring at the lecturers during lectures, as though im 100% paying attention. I daydream about me going over next summer n start planning the trip to nyc again. and i smile to myself. and that sucks cos it makes me feel stupid of myself once im forced to come back and face the blody reality.

i have my dream. i know what i should do after i graduate.
but still, i think i'm sucks in carrying out what i've planned and chase after my dream. that's really a big task.

i wanna get out of here (tho i sort of enjoyin my life;church life but that's only sometimes;when i truly enjoy Him. but yet on the other hand, when im weak and have no control over myself, i start feeling sucky for being where im right now. irony isn't it? but i guess that's life..)

i wanna go back and look after my parents and accompany them til forever. serious.
i once told my mom and dad that even after i got married, i'll make sure they stay with me so i can look after them. but they said it's impossible and never even try to have such thought cos by then i'll have to look after my parents in law. then i said 'k nvm, since i cannot neglect both parties, then i'll have four of u to stay with me and (whosoever my husband will be at that time).' they said 'u're gila'. i miss my parents and my sisters!

i wanna go back to where i belong.
where i can find peace, happiness, stress-free and gain as much kgs without no one cares (and most importantly when i dont even give my weight a damn and thats when i live my life to the fullest.)
particularly when my world revolves around sleep, eat (esp u dont even hav to think of what to eat etc and when there's someone either cook for u or at least contribute some ideas to u on what to eat so u dont have to decide on ur own), tv, shopping/window shopping, lazying around at home, lotsa movies, books (and i wouldnt forget spiritual books too ok.), ben&jerry's and roadtrips!

i wanna meet up with all my besties.
who are scattered around.
i think about u guys from time to time ok.
it's just so super-ly damn hard to meet up with u guys anymore.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

what the .

this will be my first time that i blog immediately after i wake up.
just to release my anger before i let it controls me and ruins my day.

i havn't been able to sleep well. sleep well as in in a case that i don't get awaken by noises early in the morning. and that, really pisses me off.

can't u imagine that i was awaken like 3-4 times yesterday morning alone? every hour, from 3/4am-7+am.
and today, i was awaken by the unwelcomed and uninvited noises the bloody trice. the first one: from the same source (my unwelcomed 'alarm'. either it is done unintentionally or intentionally. i've no idea. but still, it pisses me real lots.). and the second one: the bloody washing marchine. and the third one: somebody kononnya who was kind enough to sort out the culinary stuff@the blody forks and spoons or whatnot. (either sorting out or whatever shit which i've no interest to know but still, i know it's the sounds from the forks and spoons k?)

i wish i could swear a loud.
slam the blody * door.
and pull the curtain and make sure the mr Sun doesn't shine on me.
and lastly, get back to my sleeep.

noises noises noisessssssssssssssssssss i blody hate u so.
You ruin my blody sleep.
i need to voluntarily wake up by my own. and i dont need an alarm (which is even worse than my own alarm.) i blody cannot do anything when all these uneasy alarm starts ringing as i've no control over it.

mentally tortured.
i'l go nuts soon.

Friday, 27 July 2007


i need inspirations to write...

Thursday, 26 July 2007

the essentials.

these are the things which i think are the essentials when u go travelling, esp roadtrips:

1. a good book.
2. mp3. (or if you hv other more canggih gadgets like ipod or whatnot.)
3. shades (out of sight.)
4. electrical sudoku (which was kept inside my bagpack.)
5. bottle(s) of water.
6. tidbits.

last but not least:

a inflatable neck pillow! muahahah
look, it really helps ok. i used it even when i was on board. last time i used to face neck-ache problem cos always tertidor esp during road trips n it hurts cos u'l hv the tendency to hv ur neck switching from left-right. and with this neck pillow, im free of neck-ache problem. cos it supports ur neck up to ur head. sum more can be inflated when it's not in used. save space!


i was walking around with a fren of mine in a shopping mall the other day.
and wherever we went, particularly when we stepped into the shops, the sales girls would keep following me around and cant take their eyes off me. and that sucks can. made me so uneasy! and we went to borders to check out some books and the alarm thingy sudd went off immediately right after i stepped into the shop, and the security guard rushed over n wanted to check what's inside my bag. so i brought out all the things that me+my frens bought that day. n i said 'must be the book i bought from popular can.' so well, they had to rescan the book that i bought from popular n i was later 'released' n given the freedom to walk around in the store. cis. soon later, i found out why they did that. all because i was bringing this huge bag from bitten by sarah jessica parker which i bought in manhattan. and my fren was ofcos, blaming me for bringin the big bag. yet she dumped all the things she bought into my bag. so see? it's bijak and useful to have a big bag tag along whenever u go shopping, but con is that big bag stirs up the suspicious look and thought that there's a possibility that u're a pencuri.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

da threemuskerteers

J told me Clement, the good looking French guy has gone back to France.
And I’ve just realized I didn’t even take a single pic with him and Emmanuel; another French guy who is super-ly hilarious. I think he looks and behaves like Mr Bean.
I miss the three awesome guys whom I’ve lived in with for more than a month.
Emmanuel even took the effort to write me a note on a piece of A4 size paper and left it on top of my luggage. Yeah I know, it was merely a note but then he wrote in the middle of the night ok (just hours before I left Blacksburg.)
I’ve been arguing a lot with J a lot lately. Everything he does, regardless of what he does, he pisses me off. I wonder why. *ponder ponder* could it be Pms?
Melacca trip was rather exhausting.
But I did have some time off to talk to J over the phone. :D
For the first time in my uni life, I had problem deciding on which tee shud I be wearing to school today. And that really sucks can.
All happened because of 3 lousy pair of jeans.
I opened up my wardrobe and found like 3 pairs of lousy jeans which by any means, didn’t look nice on me. i tried one of them and tried to match it with a polo tee. It looks good at first. But towards the end, I looked into the mirror again, and found out that I look terrible in it. So decided to change the top. Well, till I fed up.
At the end decided to wear a pair of 3 quarter pants paired with a mini tee.
I can’t believe the 3 other pairs of jeans which are with me all these while are so cacated. out of shape with fuggly cuttings. Uh.
Time to get a new one. A new pair of levis.
one of my close friends is a die hard fan of levis. I mean like, she owns countless pairs of levis. And last time when she bought it, I was like ‘haiyo, so expensive. Not worth it lah’. Then she said ‘wait til u own it, u’ll find that u’ll never want to wear any others jeans (other brand) except levis’.
So finally I got myself one. And the first one was orgasmic. And I then, knew how she feels.
Eyeing for the next pair of levis.
There are heaps of things that I need:
1.Good pair of jeans.
2.a good watch. Preferably dkny’s.
3.mini tees.
4.extra pocket money.
5.all of the above.(so i can get the first 3 things) *grinz*

Monday, 16 July 2007

things that keep me dying to go bck 2 d states.