Saturday, 28 March 2009

ok, fts.
i am not going to give it another try.
goddamn hell to msn.

i've been trying and trying and trying to sign in to msn...
for forever since hours ago.
what the hell is going on to msn?!
cisciscis. wtf wtf wtf.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

i can't wait for june / july.
it's not really the month that i most look forward to, partly cause i do not want to go through shits. elaborate later when the time comes.
yet at the same time, i long for it to come by asap so that i can carry out my own plans, else everything is pretty much hanging up in the air.

uncertainties can certainly kill.

today's the 3rd day of skul hols.

gone are the 2 days which were spent on tidoring makaning reading and working on the mission.
and there are so many things on the lists which i have yet to do.
the bags and books are strewn all across the bedroom. and i am still doing nothing about it.
boxes which need to be labelled, sealed and wrapped up.
things on the table which need to be sorted out and kept in place.

it is nice to be able to spend the days doing not so important stuff. sometimes doing shitty insignificant and nonmeaningful stuff such as rereading back the books you've read ages ago, merely flipping through the old mag which you've read weeks ago, or simply spending hours sieving through some old pictures that you took, makes the day well spent.

Monday, 16 March 2009

on a mission

omg. i guess i'll be really busy these few days..
i'm on a mission.

Thursday, 12 March 2009


i can't wait for the coming holidays.
it's freaking awesomeee to have a break... from all these.

i've got a few things which i need to do over the holidays.
but bah.
who cares.
holidays holidays holidays
break break break
that's all matters! =)

and and.. i misss the caramel popcorns with peanutsss!!!!!!!!!!

it's the bestest popcorns ever!!!!!!!!!!!
i miss the times i smuggled 'em into the cinema. with bottled moutain dew /and plain water. wakkaka.

ps/ break=typo error=berak. ewwww