Sunday, 30 December 2007


god knows why i keep lausai-ing for the whole sleepless and stomachache pain-enduring night.
mylord i'm telling ya.

i am not really happy with someone. a senseless moroned hypocritical jerkie. i hate YOU so.

i am starting to get really annoyed with the people i have to deal with everyday.

i'm sucha bitch, am i not? wtf.

oh well, just have to bear one another with love. with love, WITH LOVE. wtf.

was chatting with J over msn, and i told J i'm thinking to have prosperity burger for lunchie. and J was too free enough to google this out: (check it out guys)

auctioning mcd's tray sheettt in ebayyyy??
the seller is funny. and the potential buyers are even more funnier.
for rm5 some more. mylord.

so should i eat prosperity burger or should i not?
how how how?
i eat then later i feel guilty again.
if i didn't eat, then i'll feel so damn regret. cos usually whenever prosperity burgers are out i sure, eat it almost every week until the promotion ends. unless god forbids.

J sent J's thesis over. i know nothing about the whole contains of the thesis.
but it was funny to see how my name was mentioned in the acknowledgement part.
i feel appreciated. somehow. *nose kembang*

argh... the picture of curly fries keeps flashing through my mind.

ps: stupid mcd for charging THREE freaking ringgit for delivery. stupidstupid. it's so damn near yet still charge so much for delivery. so damn not worth it okie. got to pay rm3 because of my laziness to walk over? no way!

recap 2007. welcome 2008.

here i am, blogging in the mid of the night.
i had some tea. and as a result, i can't sleep. cis.

h'm... time really flies.. today (it's 00:43 now so it's 31.12.2007) will be the very last day of 2007.buhbyes and adios 2007.

looking back 2007, aside from having the chio-est birthday of the year, which falls on the 7th of July, 2007 was pretty much a memorable year to me.

2007 diary:
first half of the year:
-when 2nd sis+bil were back for cny. (it was fun having everyone back home to celebrate cny and all that).

-when i first permed my eye lashes. yeah permed. one of the craziest things my crazy sistas dragged me to do it.

-when all the bloody pimples started popping out. even until now. wtf.

-when i had my holidays spent in the states.

-got to know some really nice people.

second half of the year:
-when i had the blardy traffic offense summon which left me in agonies and a big impact even until now. as a result, i am super careful whenever i drive esp in pg. and whenever i drive pass the exact spot where i committed the kesalahan, my heart beats extra fast. wtf.

-when the bus company used the stupid yellow school bus to ferry us down to kl. it was the longest and suffer-est ride ever that i had to endure.

-when mdmY agreed with my sista&bil that i stay for another extra one day to shop in kl. so i skipped class and went ahead and shopped with my sista & bil.

-when i purposely skipped classes and flew bck to spend some quality and precious time with family+and for dad's bday in sept and to hang around with my closest cuzz whom god knows when me & her will meet again before she flew bck to uk.

-had my first filling in 12 yrs?

-when Ada darhling passed away. ='(

-when my fav pulsar watch of four years was laid to rest eternally. :(

-when i got to catch up with one my besties during xmas and got to spend some time with my cuzz whom god knows when i'll meet up with them again.

-when i had my sweeettesstt xmas gift ever. =D

summing up:
it was a year full of happenings.
it was a year full of arguments.

there'r tonnes of resolutions and hopes that i wish 2008 will herald and some of them are:
-losing up to 8 kgs? ok, mayb not. probably 4kgs?
-study hard and to pass all the papers im taking this sem. *fingerscross*
-to really give it a serious thought starting from now about what i should be doing after i grad.
-spend more time with family and friends.
-more trips.
-be more bitchy and mean.
-be more kinder.
-be more prettier. or be pretty? wtf. l0L.
-be more brain-er and smart-er. wtf.
-be daring to touch fleshy raw meats & fishes. er.. mayb not for fishes.
-more more resolutions, but i'm just too tired to list it out right now.

dates i'm looking most forward to:

2008, a year of embarking to the new phase of my life.
( of which part of me is afraid and nervous to embrace it and the other part of me is getting excited about it. uh.)

*toast for 2008*

happy 2008 everyone. cheers~ =D

Thursday, 27 December 2007

to the cina bus driver.

today was rather a bad day for me (at first).
firstly, i was awaken by * damn early in the morning. nvm. i should associate myself with it already. i know. i just need some time for the adjustments to take place.
and i was late for the class because of the stupid laundry that i had to wait and the horrible assignments which i had to print out. (missy me slept at 5pm yesterday till 6 o'clock this morning which in between i woke up once in a while).

secondly, i had this bloody sorethroat and dry throat that made me cough and cough and cough and was feeling dizzy.

thirdly, i was having this blody argument . stupid.

and fourthly, because of that argument, i didn't rest in the afternoon. i felt miserably sick.

and the last one, was because i had my ko k to attend. cis.

but what made my day was that cina bus driver who kindly called up the person-in-charge and asked him whether the bus has left and so on. i waited for like 15 mins. and he pitied me. and he gave me the person-in-charge number which i didn't bother to call. but at the end he called for me. and this uncle use more canggih handset than mine okie. no play play. l0L.

and when the bus came, i joyfully hopped in and waved byebyes to the cina uncle when the bus slowly proceeding to the next station.

*toasts to the cina uncle*


hollyy shitt..
i got myself a new watch. well... not exactly a xmas pressie for myself from myself. i had no choice but to get a new watch though i love my old one-of-a-kind pulsar watch so much so that it's so blody hard to fall in love with the new one i'm having right now!

the one i got was titus. or solvil titus. whatever.
it wasn't love at first sight though.. i had a few choices.
and the one i intended to get at the first place was citizen which i couldn't find in pg. stupid qbay.
so since i couldn't get it in qbay for the citizen, i opted for fossil. which was cheaper and trendi-er..

and since i couldn't make up my mind, i then was advised to check it out in sg.
so yeah, i spent my xmas this year in sg..
but the prices for the watches i'm aiming for were much much much more expensive than the ones i saw in kch and pg. whatlah. =S like the citizen one for example, i could get it for less than rm500 in kch. and the fossil one, it only costs like less than rm250 (with 30% discount some more okie).

i tried the fossil one in sg. but it doesn't look nice after a while. so i decided not to get that one.
but anyway.. i somehow had a half a day's trip to jb on xmas eve.. and finally got the titus there. which was.. more than what i would pay for for a watch. NOT for a cacated watch like that ok. mylord i'm telling ya.
now that i'm trying to google to see if there's any other titus watch which is nicer.. i can barely google it. it seems that it's not a good brand or something.

and i should have listened to my sista's advice. don't buy things in hurry. and that should only get the one that you like the best and it's the best among all the choices you've got.

to Everyone.

happy belated merry xmasss andd a happyyy new yearrr.


ps: missy me just got bck and am terribly sick and unhappy.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007


i've this stupid assignment which due on next thursday, 27.12.2007.
and guess what assignment is that?
my blloddymostcacated ko-k in our uni- COMMUNITY SERVICE's assignment! wtf right.

out of so many ko-ks; eg swimming, tennis, squash, and some other craps they have in my uni, i had no choice but to take up the blody COMMUNITY SERVICE. wtf.
need not me to define what it is right. you know what it is. =S
and this stupid-ed ko-k is half a unit per semester, so meaning i've to take it up for 2 consecutive semesters in order to fulfill one unit.

it was my fault.
i didn't know the ko-k registration was out (last semester), by the time i knew, i was too late, so in order to avoid too much troubles (hassles that i and many others have to go through during our registrations), i had no choice but to take up this one since it was the only one that was available at that time.

many people thought this was the easiest ko-k and meant for those lazybumps because instead of 4 hours ko-k per week, we only have to meet up for one hour+ or 2 hours, and sometimes one hour only (bliss i tell ya) once every fortnight.

but right, we have this whole hunch of workload to do. individual assignment which requires us to write 10-15 pages on topic/issue which is widely discussed lately. (basically all about isu-isu semasa in which i thought of hindraf issue. but still, thinking it's something sensitive, i had betta not. i could probably end up somewhere else.) and a groupie assignment.

me and my other 3 coursemates decided to change our groupmates, and up till now, none of us know who our new groupmates are. and we were supposed to email the lecturer our group's draft for the assignment by 3.12.2007. so meaning, till now we didn't hand in the draft. wtf.

there are like few hundreds of people getting this ko-k. it was so damn hard to find the new groupmates.

so for the individual assignment, i figure that i'm gonna write craps, zillions of craps just to hand in. and my target is 12 pages of crappy-ish stuffs. cisciscis.

feeling damn stress ok. cos i got to get it done by thurs. since i'll be away til next wednesday. (i'll disclose where i'll be going when the time comes). =D

this semester's gonna be real tough.
8am class on wed and thurs.
and by god's mercy, i hope i can wake up EARLY.
there's one new lecturer (whom i never met before) teaching us one out of the three linguistic papers. kinda nervous for her first class tmr at 8am.

heavy sem. i've like 4 major papers. and one blody uni paper which i need to fullfill in order to graduate. blody english paper.

sigh. just can't wait for the semester to end.

i've got a couple of plans in my mind.

with all these plans in mind, i think they shall make my uni life more memorable.

time to go to bed.

ps: i only managed to finish half a page of the blody assignment. wtf.

Monday, 17 December 2007


i've always have a thing for rattan, ranging from rattan baskets, rattan bins, up to anything made from rattan. i don't know why.
and i got this two with a REALLY REALLY CHEAP PRICE!!!!! omgg.
grabbing this two rattan rackets which come in pair, i quickly paved my way to the cashier!
while walking back home, i kept thinking what should i do with with the big rattan basket because seriously speaking, i do not know what i should do with it.
all i knew was that during the holidays, while sorting out my closet, i found out that i need a basket to put my undies. so the small one is the perfect one. *wink*

but the problem is, i don't know where i should keep them now. l0L.
perhaps i shall sea mail them back together with my other stuffs.


mdmY taught me how to do 'keh nen ko'. (chicken egg sponge cake).

my attempt to make pau failed. once and for all. cisbedebah.

the damn easy to make lemon-flavoured cheesecake.

mdmY's crabs.

this is one my fav candid pics i took of both mdmY & mrS.
taken during a visit to the new house which we were not allowed to go in since d gate was locked.
damn. they are so cute! xoxo

Sunday, 16 December 2007


i picked this handcuff once i set my eyes on it.
bought it immediately soon after.
it was my mate for like a month.
and when i wanted to use it on friday evening before i went out,
it broke into 2 parts.
i put one part onto my wrist and tried it on again, and again it broke. so finally the handcuff broke into 3 parts. damn kektiok can.

i like it so much so that i rushed to get it again, bearing a hope that they are still available.

thankfully enough, they still have two. so i happily bought another one. =D
hopefully this one wouldn't be that cacat and break easily lah.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

3-month anniversary.

dadadarling has been away for officially 3 months.
how time flies..

i called out ur name from time to time when i went back home this time.
i know it sounds lame. but i am like so used to calling you okie..

miss you so much. still.

our neighbour got a new puppy and he reminded us of you.
and the care-takers were really bad. they hardly feed him. he was so fat when he got there and the last time i saw him, he became so skinny already. he always wanted to cabut from the house and always tried to sneak out from the gate because he was too hungry. he rarely bark, even if he was so hungry. he was a good puppy indeed. if you're still here, i think you two can become good friends.

mdmY said she never did that (not feeding you) to you, always feed you makan. do you remember how you would bark like there's no tomorrow when mdmY didn't feed you on time..
there were times where we were annoyed when you barked non stop whenever you asked us to bring you food or open the gate for you to go out pangsai and pangjio, but now we miss it so much already.

the little black puppy which i called blacky was out of sight.
i don't know where they keep him. it's either they have brought him back to his owner's place or they keep him in front of the house.. or could they just let go of him and let him become stray dog..? i really hope not..

miss you da.
i hope you're resting in peace wherever you are right now.

from all of us in 338.


i was so desperately craving for internet back home because of the stupid internet connection i had back home. mylord. u guys have no idea how slow it was. phew.

so here i am, back in *; a place where missy me don't belong.
but i'm glad i can online back again.

so how did i spend my holidays back home?
basically eat, sleep (LOTS. really a lot im telling ya), and watch a lot of dramas. =D
life was then a B.L.I.S.S. holyshiet.

mom was saying that i was such a good kid this time. why? because missy me hardly go out during my 3 weeks+ stay at home.

i only met up with friends for a couple of times.
this first week i got back, i was really lazy to go out.
the second week, it was raining all the time, throughout the one whole week. lagikk a 'no' to go out so i basically stucked up at home and hibernated a lot.
the third week, i was preparing, as in mentally prepared, myself to come back here.

i was hoping to meet up with:
carrie, qi, clara, alice, kuimei, becca.

contacted kuimei and alice and clara but we never made it to meeting up.

as for carrie, i knew i wasn't be able to meet up with her again a few days before i departed because it was too rush (she went back to kch a few days before i left and usually i don't meet up with friends a few days before i depart because most of the time i'll spend the last few days back home with my family. no choice babe, your bday gift is still with me..

as for qi, i seriously don't know what number he's using. and i didn't know how to contact him. (i sent you msges in msn when i had the chance to logon back home, i wonder if you got it or not.) so there could be a minor misunderstanding. i thought he (you) was busy with work and either couldn't look for me or what. and i at that time didn't take the initiative to contact him (you) because i didn't know if he(your)'s still using the same number i had in my hp which i dared not not sms/call to because i never expected him (you) to use the same number. until he contacted me a night before my departure. surprised when i saw the same number flashing out when i got the sms. and at that time was feeling a bit kektiok lah. why? because i should have tried contactin him (you) by sms-ing or calling that number just to check out if it's you. but was too late.. hun ah.

as for clara, she called me once when she got back. i thought of her (and the rest) everyday but neither me nor she look up for each other at the end. and again, i sent her msges in msn. and bloddy dont tell me she didn't get it! cissbedebah.

other than the time where i hibernated, i was actually quite busy back home.
there were times where i had to become driver and all that.
and when i was really free, it was raining all day long.
i don't go out when it rains. hate it. unless i promised to go out before it rains, then i'll go ahead with the plans. if not, i'll choose not to go out.

you know, i had a pang of guilts days before i left.
i wish i could meet up with all the friends that i wanted to meet.
when i really wanted to meet up with each and everyone of them, i didn't have the time to do so already because by then i had a lot of preparations to do and all those craps and time by then, was a LIMIT. mylord.

i hope to meet up with each and everyone of them whom i've mentioned above and those whom i've not mentioned, during the next trip when i go back in 31.1.08.

to those i seriously & sincerely wanted & intended to meet up but didn't by any circumstances, didn't meet up in the end,
i'm really really sorry okies. zillions of appologies. pls forgive me. and i'll make sure i drag u guys out the next time when i go back.