Thursday, 28 May 2009


i read about the news of a mother who abused her 5-year old son.
and it really saddens me.
brendan and people close to me always say my children will be in... like military camp next time and i'll train them like soldiers. prolly i am always deemed to be a fiece person, particularly when i deal with kids. and i'm sure no kids will like me, too anyways cause i'm not a loving person and i can't just put up a friendly and loving face and play with them or say what cute lah this lah that lah etc. and pretend to be so happy and so love the kids when i'm actually not. i just can't bring myself to doing that.
mayb cos i never liked kids and toddlers. i only love babies. but, when they reach 1 year old.. the love just stop growing. wtf. teramat cute or very obedient toddlers, then lain crita lah okie. that one i sure sayang kau kau.

but then the news came alive and it really touched me. my heart seriously ache when i saw the picture of the back of the boy. mylord, one whole patch of bruises.
and i don't want to go to that extend of abusing my own kids next time. gee. scary. and really kesian that boy!

and and TMR IS MY LAST DAY OF WORK. ok, wait. not tmr. since it's already like 5 mins to 2am, so it's officially MY LAST DAY OF WORK. wtf.

breakkkkkkkkkkk. how i long for this long break. but i guess i'll miss the lovely and helpful coworkers and the times i had while i work. i learnt hellalot of things. and i really have no qualms and regrets at all. i guess i did the right choice. (at least for once in my life, wtf.)

the qi, if u're reading this: i MADE IT!i'm finally done and all through with it!!! =D remember how i was in doubts when i told u this before i took up the offer?? ahhaaha.

but i've got so many things to do, for the next 3 weeks. =(
whatmore to complain when there's no time limit for hellalotof things like sleep, tv, online etc. i can do whatever i want. life's a bliss when i've got unlimited sleep per day. =D

Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Decision Made.

i ponder and wonder, is this the right thing to do?
i'm scared.
but i dont have a choice, do i?

Monday, 11 May 2009

no,i dont want to spend anymore ringgit for all the calls to the hotline and/or make a few more trips to the atm/bank to reset everything!!!!! arghhhh!!!
it's kinda stupid,really.
whats with the online banking if it's so cacated? comonlah.
we thought we could makes our lives easier by having everything done from home, but apparently that's not the case! and we still need to frequent our trips to the bank/atm just to sort out the problem this cimbclicks is giving us. wtfisthisshit, you tell me!
you guys should do something about it! pleaselah. fts.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

i got fu at work. fi.
but..but i finally got something done. bliss.