Friday, 31 October 2008

Trick or Treat?

happy halloween everyone.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

A confession.

i have never ever wanted to use my notebook to play games. Because i always think by doing so, it will spoil my baby (my notebooklah). but then sometimes, when you have nothing to do, when boredom kills, you kind of like break the rules and er, your own policy to uhm.. have fun and get yourself occupied with.. online games? aside from sudoku and lots and lots of series. :)

and with that, i am addicted to this:

GEMCRAFT. and this is a snapshot from er.. can't remember which level ah. (was taken some time ago) so basically you just build towers and trenches, create and mix more gems to kills the monzters. each gem has their own specialties. then you can mix and match more gems to create more powerful gems. it looks like forever-never-end game. so many levels to go through. sigh. but very addictive!

am stuck on level 30 cause it's so hard to playyyy liawwww. really sien.

from bubbletank, tactical assasin, papa's pizzeria, to mcdonald's videogame ( don't think you would want to play this, cannot win one! very keksim!), the last stand, music catch, etc (not forgetting mario's adventure!) on this site, i think gemcraft is the most addictive.

go here to feel the surge of adrenaline and be prepared to be kektiok-ed and tulan-ed when the games get tougher.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Passed and past.

i chatted with two of my besties last week through msn. there was indeed a lot of catching up to do. it was really nice to meet up with some old friends, even if it means msn is the only tool to meet up and to catch up these days.

korek-ing the past was something fun to do. we reminisced and indulged in the memories that we used to share, together. things we did back in high school. food sold in the canteen. the rendezvous. the tuitions. and the people. i was surprised and shamed to say that i have forgotten a lot of people; some that i could not recall their names. some, i could not remember their faces. but still, these people remain in part of my memories of the past that i still withold, strongly.

i missed our school canteen food. remember the french fries? the pops (either canned's or those those in the transparent plastic bag?) uhm.. the fish balls? fish balls with sos cili please! the maggi mee? i remember ordering curry maggi mee was my fav when i had to stay back in school for mandarin class. maggi mee with coke or maggi mee with milo. remember the sardines (the sardines filled roti) which used to cost like 15 cents (or something) in primary as far as i could remember. but somehow the prices for sardines got jacked up as we grew older. and oh yeah, the varieties of keropoks. omg. the nuggets. the sausages.

i think it's in school canteens that you can get the cheapest nasilemak. charmee, charkuehtiaw, kiochapkuehtiaw, kiochapmee, and chicken rice! some more very nice to eat! but hor, it was shitty when you had to fight all the way to the counter to buy the food when it was like so crowded and with so many people elbow to elbow. so much of a hassle. good thing if you are a pengawas. can cabut earlier from class and buy the food first. tsk. and i think as the years passed by, got salad chicken rice some more. then got mee jawa. i remember when i was in f6, we had a culture and trend- to eat in class. everyone kumpul-ed together, sometimes combined all the tables, then had a feast together. the more, the more sedap. but sigh, those were the times.

and on sat, i was in a store, and i saw this:

(the potato starch or something. i remember having it like from kids til like forever. but i don't remember when was the last time i had it already.. guess it was like years ago..) i was ecstatic when i saw them. couldn't resist not buying, although it costs like rm7 (for a strip, consisting 5 tiny packets)? -_-

and this:
and this banana wheat cake or something. i remember having something similar to that. but it's just the sides of the banana is rounder and the colour is lighter. it's like the manchang kuih or something. but has the banana wordings on it. but the one i have above is not so much of my likings, mayb because it has too much banana essence.

and on sunday, i received an email from a friend. and it contains pictures of the things/food that we had when we were a kid! :D

these are some of the pictures.

toraa!! l0L. i think till now they still hav ads on the tv lah. always cheat kids to buy wan. and yeah, the one next to it also, got doraemon onee. i have problem recalling the name for this one. but brendanchan remember what it is. and according to him, it's called din dang. really the 80s' kids lah.

and this oneeee!! i remember this one like so vividly! omg. we were so hooked on this. last time no nintendo ds lite or psp or whatever shits lah. got this one and.. uhm.. got one is arrange bricks one- tetris good enough already! i remember mdmY was so hooked on this (tetris). mylord. they still sell this one in the market. cause i remember my cousin bought one (brick game) for her grandaughter that day then came to my house then right the batteries ran out or something so mdmY went to the shop and bought the batteries for her! l0L don't know if anyone still keep this casio game thingy larh.. don't know where did all these things gone to.. h'mp... if got, sure can keep it as antique.

and the pencil case?! l0L omg. all is metal one. and see the blue eraser? l0L. keeping one in the pencil case is shiok enough although back then as kids, we don't use pen to write! not that i remember. then all the pencils must be sharpened til sharp sharp one. the sharper, the shiok-er. then must stick stickers or drawn out timetable and use magnet to hold it. rofl. damn.

then this one also!! l0L the cartoon part is usually like soft soft like that one, foam padded or something. then right when you press certain button, certain compartments will come out one. l0L. it's like so canggih and cool like that. l0L

and the china panda watercolour!!!! l0L. i think everyone of us used this one for class seni. then right, when lion king movie came out, my dad bought one lion king one for 4thsissoh (the cover is like so fancy one, got lion king and samba like that. then she was so protective of that watercolour. don't let me use. -_- and remember the double sided colour pencil? then got luna staedtler one. then fiber caster came much later me think.

and these cutesey erasers! adoi. i remember i was so hooked on collecting all these erasers, then as a result, jojo noodle snacks (i think it's called jojo lah. not quite remember. it's something like leefah mee/ mamee noodle snacks onee) was my fav keropok. but inside always got eraser wan. then leefah mee is like got voucher or what like that. can get another packet for free if got rm0.2 voucher. something like that larh. l0L then ngeh si eat see can get another packet for free or not. wakakkakakak. and yeah, i think i still keep those erasers! l0L

this one still remains one of my fav jello lah. always put it in freezer first before eating it. so yummy. i will crave for it once in a while. you all remember got one tiub one like you either put it in freezer or fridge then drink the yellow, purple, orange syrup onee. aiyor, don't know what it is called. but i remember it was like rm0.2 per tiub? l0L i saw it in the store that day. but didn't buy.

and this one!! l0L. omg. always use it as cash register when we played jualbeli. then tear papers into small small pieces, then write like 10 cents 5 cents etc etc. put it underneath the keyboard then punch the keys on the keyboard as we 'key in' the prices. omg. then i remember using my dad's old typewriter as cash register too! then got play masak masak (with all the masakmasak tools inherited from my sisters. omg) then use leaves and plants and flowers as the ingredients! omg. really wtf. and if nobody wants to play, then talk to the barbie dolls instead. omgggg. rofl.

and this bubble thingy!!! i remember it was 5 cents!!!!!! blow til face turn blue sometimes when the stupid thingy didn't work. making big bubble (or what u call it?) was the main aim! omg. like to see who is more kiang and lihai like that! omg. but i remember it stinks lorh. got minyak smell like that.

and sugus!!!! omgggggggg. some more want choose colour onee. but even now, when i have coloured mentos, i still choose the colours! l0L.

and you all remember the recorder or not? for kelas muzik one. it was such a triumph thing when you know how to play the recorder like that. last time larh. l0L

shitlah. i don't think the kids do all these these days. different generation. more canggih. more techvy liaw. how many of them can actually sit still in front of the tv and watch disney cartoons? they play online games. or play their super high tech gadgets. i remember i was so setia to kfc kids fun club on sunday morning and disney cartoons. really wtf.

and laura my friend posted an entry about bakkuteh, as a result i was like so even missed it so i cooked it on sat. (thought of cooking it weeks before but been procrastinating. then i saw the post, then made me even more tempted to cook and eat larh~) =D

i want to write something about bubuchacha that i cooked.. but *yawn*. i'll write about that on the next entry. tatas~

Monday, 6 October 2008

me ♥vies.

other than mcD sundae/cone (yeah i know, why mcD right. sometimes good food doesn't have to be expensive to be good. and i don't indulge in good expensive food like 24/7and i don't need expensive ones to make me happy and satisfied either.), i love ben and jerry's more than any other icecreams we can find in the market, be it coldstone creamery (which i had my first try the other day), haagen darz, baskin robbins (i like baskin more than haagen darz), leckalecka, scoops's, or whatever famous brands and expensive icecreams/gelatos you can find. wtf. it's the best icecreams with fancy name and fancy descriptions of the flavour of the icecreams. notice the flavour for the one in the picture? it's 'everything but the...' it makes you probe further by reading the fancywincy descriptions of the flavour to find out the flavour and taste of the icecreams~

didn't quite like this at the first bite because i find it way too sweet (too much chocs bar chunks). but soon later, it tastes like heavenly. and i find the heath bar chunks, white chocs chunks, peanut butter cups and chocs covered almonds blend spendily and perfectly and thus creating a heavenly complexed sweet ice cream that makes you crave for more after a spoonful.

notice the tiny ben n jerry's versus the big oneee? omg. it's so kewt. and i think it's expensive too, i mean like for a tinyweeny one like that. but owh well, kewt things are always more expensive like that. wtf -_-

and yea, i cooked sarawak laksa yesterday after weeks of craving for it. laksa without prawns cause wanted to avoid allergy reactions. and the laksa was goodd and yummy~ =D but too bad no wan tsui (coriander), so had to replace it with cilantro and no sambal and sengkam (lime) and no yellow noodles (i love laksa mee instead of laksa bee hun, o hail laksa mee!!! =D ) and couldn't find the korean noodles (don't know what it's called) from the store so had to use beehun but thank god the bee hun is not so fine.. at least managed to find taugehs. owh well, i had my laksa, so what else to complain? ;)