Friday, 31 August 2007


i typed the previous entry in paragraphs.

but every single time that i posted it up, it turned out to be not in paragraphs.

i tried my best jian.

but it still turns out the same.

i'm giving up on the 8/9th time.


50th burrfdday .. and a day of departure..

before it's too late;
to malaysia,
happy 50th burfday.
and in Loving Memory of :
darkiekhakiewacoal babe (Feb 2007-31 Aug 2007),
ellowchick (DOP unknown-31Aug 2007), and
pinkypair (sometimes last year-31 Aug 2007).

my heart ache,
knowing that u guys have been stolen and snatched away from me; your caretaker,
by a/some mercilessmoron(s).
to you darkiekahakiewacoal;
you were a good companion,
a wonderful boost of confidence,
boost of comfort.
to you ellowchick;
you were a good loyal one.
and your twin partner too shall mourn for your loss.
and to you pinkypair;
you made my life at ease and easy.
i know you worked ur ass off to serve me,
and i really appreciate that.
now that you're lost,
your two siblings gonna miss you too.
and no worries,
i'll start making use of your two other siblings.
forgotten you i may not,
as you're the loveliest among them.
For today,
it's a day to remember.
here i am,
dedicating this whole entry to each one of you.
i shall mourn for the loss,
and also;
shall curse and leave the f*retarderedsuperhamsapsuperbientaisuperdirtysupermercilesssuperBKSsuperidioticbrainlessakai
theft(s) no peace.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

a lil bit disappointed with my kl trip this time.
ntg much to buy.
but i missed out 2 important stuffs: the pair of sandals that i like. and the pair of sandals that i was thinking to get for mrS. but unfortunately, thinking that it'd be hard for me to take too many stuffs back since i only brought my backpack, i then, decided to get it this week when i go.
and worse thing happened at the very last minute (sunday). and my trip on merdeka eve had to be cancelled. i really feel so bad n fucked up okies. damn..if not i would have met up with those koncokoncosekalian and spent my first merdeka eve in kl. fffffrrrrrrr... :'(
was actually very upset over that bloody incident man... sigh..let bygone be bygones..i can do nothing now..
n something stupid happened again this morning. and i really hope it can be settled.. guilts can kill. n i wish i can get over with it..really soon.. i hate feeling guilty. i don't know why.
as a result of that, as a result of feeling really behsong and pekchek.. i decided to say yes to a fren who suggested that we go shopping. the next thing i knew, we were inside the bus already.
so i shopped. n shopped. n shopped. i spent close to rm170 in today itself.
but still, i didn't managed to get anything for mdmY and mrS. feeling really bad lah ok. and the sandals that i tak jadi buy in kl, i saw it here in queensbay. but they don't have the colour that i want anymore. and my friend's in love with it too. but doesn't have her size. so she got one for her sista.
i love shopping. especially when i've got soo many things to buy. mylord.
it's just so fun.
and for that split of second, it makes me forget all the worries and stuff.
i'm tempted to do online shopping too. but with msia internet system.. can i really rely on 'em that much.. ?
can't wait for next wed.. so i can shop again..
these few days will be the most unbearable 3-day for me..

Tuesday, 28 August 2007


pardon me.
the title S.O.S for this entry, doesn't stand for Shop of Shoes.
eversince i got back from the vacation,
this is the kind of comments given to me, most of the time:
'hey, u've gained some (yeah, SOME) weights."
'i noticed that u've become slightly (yeah, SLIGHTLY) fatter."
it wasn't some nor slightly okies. so stop flattering me.
i feel flattered. though i know god-damn-well that i've gained a few kgs. more than what i could imagine.
this is really too much okies.
i'm so stress.
i'm so malu of the fact that i look so horrible right now.
nvm about the pimples which can't stop popping out from my blody face eversince cny and the lefover scarssss all across my blody face;
but i dooo realllyyy mind aboutt the fatss.
and i've got tanned and dark.
and now although 2 months have past, i'm still so superbly dark.
how can i get rid of the excessive 5-6 kgs?!!!
no kidding i'm telling y'guys.
my self-esteem is going down the stream.
i need to eat less.
i need to withold my cravings for chocolates.
i need to exercise more. n complain less. but hell. i dont have time for all those workouts okies. so this one shall then be crossed out.
i need to refrain myself from eating large portions and extra meals. and stop eating those biscuits.
need to cut down the carbs. damnittttt.
i need to be determined.
i need help, people.

Friday, 24 August 2007

thousand appologies..

sorry guys.
for the lack of posting lately.
was loaded with stuffs to do.
last week was really bad cos i had to prepare for the * presentation on mon (the previous mon). and the whole week was gone, just like that.
and after the presentation at 11.55am on monday, i rushed back home by foot, took my shower and packed my stuff and went to kl.
just got back yesterday.
more posting tomorrow.
stay tuned! :D

Saturday, 11 August 2007

my passion. my love.

i have no idea why am i so hooked on photography.
i'm so superbly in love with it okies.

so without further consideration, i signed up to become a member of photography society in the campus weeks ago. and it was really sayang that i only found out about the existence of the club in my final year! uh!!!!!!!

candid n scenery are my favourites.

i attended the first photography class on thursday (from 8-10pm)although i wasn't in my particular self that day due to exhaustion and lethargy (i was in the campus since 10.30am that day). but still, i really looked forward to attending the class. and i was the first member (except some committee members) that arrived, one hour before the class starts. :D

i took quite a number of nice nice photos with my most-lousy-camera-on-earth.
with a rm800 for a digi camera a year ago, what can u expect right?
but still, since it's the only digicamera that i've, i do treasure it and make full use of it before it gets rosak.
i had no idea know who was the instructor teaching us the photography thingy. i barely know his name. n i don't think i ever heard of his name either.
not till he turned up in the class.. and i asked the girl next to me 'uhm.. do u know his name?' l0L.

n later, i found out he's a renowned (both international and local winning awards) photographer.
he's old. but is really enthusiastic in giving out talks regarding photography.
man. he is superbly interested in photography okies. very high semangat like that. make me feel so semangat and look forward to cultivating my interest in photography and get really serious in it and shoot more nice shots.

songjintek is his name.

and my first impression of him:

a very downtoearth kind of guy. cheerful. enthusiastic and passionate in photography. diligent. someone who is always look at the bright side of life. self-motivated and someone who's really enjoy what he's doing (taking pics!). n yeah humble+cheerful best describe him.

other than than, he made me look forward to my next photography class. :D
and i decided to get into the committee in organizing a photography exhibition in next semester. :)

and therefore, i need a better camera. a betta one.
and that's SLR D 40.
ok, i'm kind enough okies.
at least i still know my limit.
i only ask for D 40.
you should be thankful that i didn't ask for D 200 okies.


now. i need people to sponsor me that. :P
kindly place ur donations to: raspberriescherryD40fund.
i appreciate it.
from the bottom of my heart.

Friday, 10 August 2007


im sick and feeling awful.
damn. i hate this feeling ok.
hate it when im in such a helpless state.
i can't do a single thing.
feeling dizzy and nausea all the time.
holyyyyy shit.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

rapid penang.

Last wed, my friends and I hopped on the rapid penang to one of the malls here. and guess what? it was FREE. l0L.
and we soon found out that there were tonnessss of rapid penang on road.
and the bus driver who was kind enough to give my friends the booklet/whatnot (info regarding the bus routes n stuff) each and he didn't give me. so i was thinking to have my own so that i can take a pic of the booklet for my blog. n i asked him 'mr, can i hv one pls?' and mind you, he was different from any of the mini buses' drivers or the yellow buses (the type of public bus in yellow colour). he was polite. friendly. and he gave me the booklet. keep up the good work! :D

it was free for public on the first 3 days. just so that people would have a try on the bus service n stuff. and when we were on the way back, everyone was waiting patiently for the rapid bus(es) (obviously it was because it was FREE) instead of the yellowbus/minibus whose drivers/koncokonco or whathvyou, were desperately "shouting" for customers n of cos none of us bothered to hop into their bus. eh, enciks, rapid penang more clean ok. but still, it sucks when everyone started running towards the bus when they saw rapid penang coming over. and moreover, the bus was so superbly packed. but nobody seemed to care. asalkan percuma. perhaps.

so when the driver about to make a left turn at a junction, we nearly had an heart attack. the emergency door flung oopeen widely. and it shocked the hell out of the ladies who stood next to it. and they tried to shut it down tightly but still, it didn't seem to work. must be because of the handle i think. no wonder it was stated ' jangan bersandang ke arah pintu' or something like that. (do not lean on door). so people, whenever you want to take rapid penang, take precautions steps. dont sandang on the door when it said so. cos you'll never know.

as for now i think, people will still be a bit of confused about the bus routes but i'm sure this problem will be able to overcome soon as especially when public start familiarising themselves with the routes and stuff.

i'm glad that finally they have better mean of transport in penang now. because bus mini is really scarry. and the yellow bus.. tho is slightly betta than the bus mini.. betta as in overall, but still.. rapid penang is more CLEAN,consistent, less smelly. hopefully in the future, it'll be less crowded though. therefore, i hope that rapid penang's drivers wouldn't be like mini bus's , dont go rapid ( drive like mad as though there's no cars on the road) cos our lives mean as much as yours too! rapid penang; a heaven sent.

Monday, 6 August 2007

paid more for betta quality?

here it is. my new webcam.
which is much betta than the one i got for free when i bought my lappie.
(for a free stuff to last for more than a year or less than a year. i couldn't care less to complain, could i? i count myself fortunate enough. after all, freebies never last, don't they?)

the reason i patched up the price tag was because i'm afraid that any of you will be kind enough to tell me a cheaper price compared to the price on the price tag and cause me to feel kektiok.
so it would be very kind of you to shuddup (thankyouverymuch) if u happened to know where to get a cheaper one (for this model) or, telling me it's not worth the money to get this model as there are tonnes of webcam with 1.3mp and with better features which i can get below rm50 or below (like the aloha brand which i wanted to get at the first place, but decided not later when i found out i like this one more) ; cheaper as in compared to the amount i paid for it (and no, i'm not gonna leak a word on how much i bought this one).
heard all the prices for the gadgets got jacked up on the last day (pc fair) this year. it was obviously out of the norm. cos usually they will mark down the prices for all the gadgets on the very last day and normally ppl decide and prefer to go on the last day to get a bargain for the gadgets.

n i, who had gone to the fair on the very first day itself, had forgotten to purchase another set of battery for my cacated digicam (apparently, my old one; which was still in good shape was accidentally traded with clementthefrenchguy's cacated one).
so i decided to ask a church sister who happened to go there on the last day (sun) to help me get one.

no, i didn't expect they gonna give discount on batteries.
but never did i thought that they gonna jack up the prices for batteries either.
i thought the battery will cost like rm25; same as the one i bought last year.
but bloodyhell no. this one costs me rm35.
i dont care whether they jacked up the price or not, but still, it still costs more than what i got last year.whatthe*. had to pay extra rm10 for the same old thing.
pc fair celaka sial.

n i told my r/mate about it (about how much i gotit last year). n i showed her the cash bill that i still kept to confirm that i got it for rm25 last year.
now below are proves that i no lie lie and that i got the battery from the same booth/shop. (even i myself was surprised.)
(i erased off the name of the shop and contact just to protect their, ahem, rights and privacy. i'm not that bad enough to expose the shop okies. can't blame them wholly just because of rm10, can i? l0L. after all, things just get more expensive and expensive as the year goes by. but well, just to show u guys how coincident thing is- that i had the batteries purchased exactly on the same day, different year from the same booth. which might explains that there was probably only one nikon booth at the fair.)

apparently, with extra rm10, the battery came with a betta packing this time (check out the pic below):
(cos as far as i remember, the previous one that i get, there was no casing, nothing. just with the batteries wrapped inside a transparent wrapper.)
and therefore, i shall refrain myself from complaining for the extra rm10. l0L. after all, it's just a AA (AA sum more, not litium) batteries with a betta packing.
paid more for betta qualities? h'm..

Friday, 3 August 2007

pc fair

penang pc fair has just kicked off today.
i went with my 3 other hometown friends and was in searched of a new webcam (or else i wouldnt be bothered going over.).
and i finally found one that i quite like tho it costs rm32 more than another one which is also 1.3mp. but still, i like this one. tho it's more expensive.
pics of the webcam will be posted up. soon.
it's been a long day. and i need to take an early sleep tonite.
another long day tomorrow. my w/ends suck to the ultimate this week. damn.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

it sucks..

...when u forgot that your lecture is cancelled; and
...when u waited for two and half hours strolling around the lecture halls area; and
...when u sneaked in and squatted illegally in empty lecture halls; and
...when u had to leave the hall immediately once ppl start flowing into the class and since u're an alien, u're easily noticed by others; and
...when u had to wait patiently cos u were determined not to skip the class, although it was obviously a boring one.
...when u found out u've been a fool to yourself by keeping urself waited for so many hours just for that sien class cos it's not worth waiting after all; and
...when u had to walk all the way back from the campus under super hot sun just because there was no commuter fetching u back from campus at that particular time; and especially
...when u found out that u're getting alzheimer's disease and you need people to remind u stuff so that it wun happen again. not anymore.

therefore people, i need reminders from you.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007


all of sudden, im addicted and been craving for tiger biscuits with condensed milk topping tonite despite of the portion of dinner i had!!!
n i've been eating like... the 5th or 6th piece of it in the past half n hour.
n i keep telling myself no no, make this the lasssssst piece. but still.. cant resist to get the next n the next and the next and the next piece..
n now i'm controlling myself not to touch the container of biscuits on my study table and i dare not to walk past the kitchen cupboard where i store the tea pot easy squeeze condensed milk.
tho they are full of fats and sugar;
but stil,
they are so addictive!
i know i'll get diabetes soon if i eat another piece..
i'll. i think so.