Thursday, 29 November 2007


Hello Mr TmNet - Specifically directed to TmNet Dial-up,

i have been your loyal customer close to 10 years.
but sad to say that i'm truly wholly saddened by your dial-up connection lately.

i know i'm way behind techno era because obviously i should be using streamyx or broadband or whatnot by now. by since when i'm away and there'll be no one going online, i shall then stick to dial up connection.

i know your company intend to upgrade the broadband or whatnot.
However, u guys, BY ANY MEANS, should not NEGLECT dial-up connection.

it's FAR too slow. and it gets disconnected every now and then. i personally think that the dial-up connection shall not be disrupted, interrupted nor bluntly neglected.

Please, Mr. Do something about it.

Your furious+mad loyal customer,

Friday, 16 November 2007


2-month anniversary.dadadarling has left for 2 months. *heartache*
missyousosomuch. in 20 hours++ time, it'll be different when i got home because you aren't there..

speaking of which, i'll be going back to KUCHING tmr. =D yahoo. dear koncokoncos skalian. i cant wait to see you all. wheee =D

so tonight, me and a friend went to a lounge and had a few pints.
we had like 6 bottles. ( i know that's really a few =( ). and i had like about 2 to 2and a half bottles then gave up. if not my allergy pills wouldn't work.
and SADDEST Thing was that i had so much peanuts cap bagus. mylord. so much so that i was and am still regret and have pangs of guilt within me till now okie. wtf. i know for sure more pimples gonna pop out tmr. wtf wtf. cisbedebah.

it's such a bad thing to have allergy on this okie. sien.

so nvm, as usual. i got to drink things like lemonjuice or some other acidic drinks like sem kam or what not lah after the drinking session. if not will be very teruk.

so we went to a mamak restaurant to resume our drinking session. and we met my friend's colleagues. and ok loh, we sat together. so ok fine. we talked n talked and talked.

so me and my friend left first. because me, the holy one couldn't be back that late. i know. it sounds sucks (at times).. but no choice right. but (when you come to think of it, it's for our safety too lah) so it isn't really that bad either.

so ok fine. off we went. i got home and i talked to a few sisters before heading for my shower. so as usual, i brushed my teeth first. i squeezed out the toothpaste, put it on my toothbrush and looked into the mirror, and opened up my mouth. and guess what i saw????????
my one whole role of my upper teeth was full of peanuts cap bagus's skins!!!! wtfwtf.
i kept laughing and talking and laughing with those people over a glass of lemontea!wtf.

felt so damn malusial okie. no wonder they kept looking at me.
but they are so bad lah ok. should have told me bah. *hun* (fainted).

so the lesson i learnt:
remember to bring along a mini mirror at all times. (which i had forgotten to dump it into my bag).
always check on your teeth and mounth all the time after u eat something.
or if not, just wipe the teeth with piece of tissue to get rid of any food residues.

i'm really an anal when it comes to hygiene issues okies. always ensure i smell nice. my nose is cleaned with tissuepapers. and my ears have been korek-ed before i go out. and brush my teeth etc. heel cream on. hands cream on. etc etc. those are the rituals i would say.

so man. i really couldn't believe i got those peanuts' skin (or what do u call that? whatever) stucked on my teeth. uh. wtf.

omgg. damn horrible.
bet i looked damn chio. muahahha of cause hor, with peanuts' skin on my teeth hor. hahaha

ps: i didn't take my allergy pills. because i didn't want to. and part of it was because, i'm feeling ALRIGHT.
yayyy! =D

Thursday, 15 November 2007

kancah kemiskinan.

i'm awestrucked.
spent like more than rm500 in a week's time.
thereby i shall announce that i'm officially broke. finally.
brilliant me.
(qi, u have to teach me how to save up & manage my moolah!)

can't wait for tmr. 6pm. merdeka time.
can't wait for sat.
can't wait to go back.
can't wait to hang out with family & friends. =)
can't wait for the good food. mom's cookings & d glorious food in kch.
can't wait to catch up with those koncos.
can't wait.
(promise me a good & well spent holiday ppl.)

wish me luck guys. for tmr's paper.
i should have really aced the paper since i had sucha long break in between. but sigh. screw it. i took it for granted.
did i tell u (all) i dislike lit to bits?
i've been telling myself 'try to like it. no choice. pupuk your love and patience towards lit. it's interesting. it's. ' but well, i appreciate lit yet still hate it. pretty ambivalence eh?

but anyways, no time for any rants.
i shall be getting back to my literature stuff.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

holy *

i think i need to repeat one blardy semester. arghh.. one more sem in pg is so torturing!!!!
no no no no no........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 3 November 2007

just when ..

i was about to give up. i saw h.o.p.e


sometimes i wonder whether does anyone read my blogs?
ok. i only let a few people know the existence of this blog.
not trying to draw attention. but it's like i would like to get some responses and make the blog more alive.

sigh. whatthecrapimwrtting.i also no idea.

giv up giv up!

perhaps i should stop blogging.


Friday, 2 November 2007

3 papers.

had my 3rd paper today. and it was bad. really bad. sien.
spent an hour analyzin the questions and cracking my near-toasted brain to think about what to crap. yeah c.r.a.p.p.i.n because i really didn't know how to do the questions. my brain went blank. and i couldn't crap no more. somehow i fell asleep for 20 minutes. a mere 20 minutes.

i told myself to do well. i wanted to do well. as in to pass all the papers i took this sememster. sigh.
i told myself after this 3rd paper, i shall pamper myself and i shall sleep more.
i don't mind staying up late and don't mind having all those bloody pimples which started popping like mad since the past weeks. i don't mind. because i wanted to be able to pass all these papers and get out of here because i've a better plan and future ahead of me in 6 months' time.

i thought i could get merdeka by 6pm (usually for afternoon sessions for finals, it starts at 2.15pm, but hor, because the majority need praypray on fri therefore exams scheduled in the afternoon will be at 3pm) cos the next paper will be on 16.11. meaning i still have roughly 2 weeks to prepare.

but hor, after i had this hell paper, i tak de mood to merdeka can. sien. even the whatwhat hot spicy something something burger from mcd became tasteless to me. i tak de mood at all. sien.

somehow, i regretted. for taking up literature as my major. my major is comprising of linguistic + literature components. linguistic is stil ok but definitely not for literature. it's getting tougher.. and tougher.. sigh.

greatest mistake. great. now i'm dead.