Tuesday, 9 June 2009

today's such an unlucky day for me.
firstly i had to deal with the clueless guy at the jabatan.
then now, i have to deal with one of the budget airlines.
fml. really.

i think i have to pay again for the unconfirmed booking cos aint sure if my payment has been transferred. called up and asked and they asked me to wait til 1705. one hour+ to go. yet it seems like forever.
if the money has been transferred. sayonara to my rm256. how many kolomees i can buy with rm256. =( then meaning i am so fucked up. paid so much just for the two exactly same tics.

this is what happened, i logon to my account and make the booking, and whilst i was trying to make my payment, it says error. so fine.
i relogin and went through the same process again. cos i thought my previous booking was cancelled. i know i'm stupid. so then this time, after 3 attempts (all which says error!), finally i could get the tics and all. but with an extra rm50 in total. so fts i said. what can i do right. i had to book it anyways and if i keep procrastinating, the tics price could be different again.
then after making the payment and stuff, i went to see my itinerary through the account and there are two bloody bookings!!!!!!! one is in confirmed status while the other isn't! fml. really fml.

then i called up the call centre which costs me another rm4.50 (with some patience and anxieties) to see if they can cancell the unconfirmed booking for me. and no was the answer and was told that i have to wait til 17:05 to see if the booking will be automatically removed. and if the payment has been transferred, then fml.
sometimes i really prefer to do things manually, even if it is more inconvenient and troublesome.
double the price. dahlah wasted extra rm50. the first tic that i initially getting was rm85, and the second was rm110.

if that happens again, i'm gonna be so damn sure to go back to that specific section to check my itenerary from there. so that the history wouldn't repeat itself. wtf.
damn worried now.
fts. don't ever ask me to book airtics not with the stupid connection, ever.
2 more bookings to go. wtf.
arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :'(