Wednesday, 16 September 2009

2nd Anniversary

it's Ada's 2nd Anniversary today..

Ada darhling, u're still greatly deeply missed..

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


tonight again, i looked at that particular pic. again and again.
and keep thinking. why.

we were once, so close to each other.
we were once, good friends.
how can a picture of that, determines the level of our friendship.
i know.
but somehow, i feel betrayed.
and perhaps, that's the reason why the gift was left unattended for as long as i remember.
there were moments of awkwardness during catch ups over msn.
even the simplest i miss you! sounded so sham and deceitful.
did i really missed?

it hurts when you find out that a person who meant so much to you never really treasure you
and whatever you believed before this, was and had long snarled and tangled into a bun of scepticism.
i'm holding on to the only belief. that that friendship of ours was there, before.
and i'm glad i met you. although i may not know you as much as i thought i know, but at least i'm still holding on strongly, those memories that we once shared together.
we parted, and we move on.

on a lighter note,
at least i've bunch of many others,
who treasure me as much as i treasure them.
these, are the people who are called genuine friends.