Friday, 21 March 2008

so many things, so little time.

i've got 2 assignments and 3 freaking tests instead of 2 due next week. mylord.
yet i've been procrastinating and going out so much so that i'm feeling too exhausted by the time i sit infront of my lappie to start doing my assignment(s).

and i wanted to blog and i had no time to. =(

have a nice w/ends guys! woot!

ps: i watched Ah Long Ptd Ltd this afternoon. gooooo! goooooo watchhhhhhhhhh!! superbly funny i tell you. it made me forget allllllllllll about my assignments & the tests. so nice. so happy. i laughed til i thought i was going to die. wtf. so go watch lah.

Sunday, 16 March 2008


dadadarling is officially gone for half a year.. T_T.. miss her still!!!!! arghhh.. T_T dadadarling. i love you sooooooooo....sooooo muchhhhh.. !!!! T_T and miss you heaps too..

i seriously re-considering to get a new pet when i'm back in kch.. but we'll see..

and today's exactly a month to one of the days i look most forward to. 17.4. i will blog about it later when the time comes. =D

a bit of changes made to the entry that i made long long time ago;
my most look forward dates would be:

it seems like april will be such a happening month for me. and not to mention a tiring month.
gotta do my packing in a few weeks' time.. say like 2 weeks' time? hate it.

hiaya. wanted to post up some pics we took during an outing with salma M. on thurs- (the day when i fell down! celaka!)but i still havn't add in thingy onto the pics. so mayb next time?

missey me bore with the excruciating pains and limped all the way throughout the night. sigh. having had to walk that way was a nightmare to me! i mean seriously! imagine this, how a 3-5 mins walk became 10-13 mins.. but still, nothing can stop me from going out according to what me and salma M. had planned earlier. and how i treasure and miss the company i had that night. salma M. luv u so! =D thanks for everything! but ofcos, too bad bigmomma w.peng couldnt make it.
dinners at nandos. dessert at swensen. food food food. wheee =D the sight of food makes me goes dinkdoink and jiwang sia. =D

two more weeks to go...and my classes are all done.. T_T
two more assignments and two more tests to go.. and that basically sum up everything for this whole semester.. =( i'm so gonna miss my coursemates.. my lecturers.. and friends and people i met throughout my 3 years stint in pg. T_T (speaking of which, i think i prefer to study than to work. probably i should study again huh? h'm...) and i'll too, miss all the sisters and saints that i came to know about in these few years' time in pg. gonna miss the saturday campus home meeting. =(

super emo now.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Bubbly makes me bubbly. =D

i'm feeling bubbly.

i fell down. badly. on thurs. aside from gettin several bruises, my bones- cuboid (or what i also dont know) and another bone were 'set apart'. so i limp now. =(

this is what i got when i told one of male frens that incident:

* says (3:16 PM):
now u can train yrself to be gentle

* says (3:17 PM):
walk graciously

so *, are u trying to say that i'm too cholo when i walk? T_T



and right, one my closest male friends said i'm like a guy. i'm cho lo (not gentle). and blablabla.

so extra T_T

am i really that bad after all? cis. =p

i'm just being me okie. and i'm anti manja/manja-ness. so don't expect me to behave super manja or whatnots. and right, i fell down cause i didn't know there was a drain. so it was a matter of carelessness. and for the second statement, i am not like a guy, i was just merely saying 'uhm. ok. yeah. uhuh. ok', i don't talk much, doesn't mean i don't care or whatnots. and seriously that doesn't justify that i'm so macho or man-ly! h'rmp.

but i'm seriously a very dull person.

i can listen to the same old songs (of not more than 6 perhaps?) over and over again for a semester.

and since i got hooked on bubbly now, it has become my latest obsession. and it's the only song i'm listening to right now. yes, when i mean i'm listening to it, it's in repeating mode all the time. and i can never get bored of it. woot ! =D

a bit tired now.
and constant cramps on my right leg drive me nuts.

blog next time.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

sorted out.

we are able to sort things out finally.
"Happiness is a state of a mind."

Monday, 3 March 2008

cny 2008

a comment left by the qi reminded me of not posting up the pictures taken during cny 08 as promised in one of the previous entries. so here are some of the pictures.

cny day 1:
left: lionel, me, the qi, lawrence.

cny day 4:
mom dad with us.

4th day of cny:
from left -me with nickfung, chen, kiat, ivy, marlene, boonpei, huilee, wanying, weiying, jennifer, john.

4th day of cny:
(from right)-STP (though he was absent during this shot), jian, szeyin, james, boonyian, andy, jack and girlfriend zhenting, charlynchowling, kaeshih, laura, kerlee and me.

5th day of cny:
with ex form 6 classmates- (from right), yuenchuen, weishiung, jeff, hosin and me.
pardon me for the awful looking me in the clothes i wear at home. and yeah, i looked horrible too. i was really sick that day. a day i had the 38.9'C fever.

cny day 6 @ a night before i left for penang:
me with mom dad and 3rd sis soh. brought 2 church sisters to try out kolomee at open-air market. couldn't taste the damn nice gubakmee at all cos tastebuds went haywired and was still so teramat sakit that night.

i did not really take a lot of pictures during cny this time cause was not in the mood to take pictures. and now i don't even remember what i did during cny day 2 and day 3. =(


me and J had a row. i wonder whether things will work out between me and J. i learn to let go, somehow.

wish i could write more about the random thoughts i have and about the things i wanted to blog about. but then again, i am both tired and sleepy. next time perhaps?