Monday, 21 July 2008


today i babysat Theadore, the chihuahua. =D
so happy!!!! and i spent so much time under the sun today.. a bit not happy. now even more tanned. sigh. i hate my skin. seriously.

so while Theadore was napping away inside his cage, i cycled 2ndsistasoh's old rusty mini bicycle around the backyard. under the hot scorching sun. obviously. T_T

mdmY told me if Theadore didn't come, i would have stayed inside the house all the time. which is true... l0L.

dad with him. so cute. he loves to be sayanged like that. look at him. muakaka

with the tongue sticking out. l0L. triple omg. so cute!

mdmY with him. this was taken yesterday on his first visit to our place.

i brought him along when we went grocery shopping earlier.

he kept bo si tiam (moving around) so i decided to put him inside the bag. so he showed me this very tulan look.

so shy!! l0L

he was napping with his rope on. so i thought i could just remove the robe so that he'll be more comfy. then right, i went into the house and washed my hands and when i came out, he was no longer in the cage. really had an heart attack. and he was standing near the badminton net, staring at me. luckily dad was around, mowing the lawn. so he carried him back when he fin mowing.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Hunter!!! =)

mrS looks so damn handsome and sweet here. but unfortunately hunter was so active and kept moving around else the pic will turn out really nice =(

countless attempts of taking pic of dad and hunter failed cos hunter kept moving and moving. =(

me and hunter. notice the really cute small scarf around his neck?? wakkaakak so damn cute. he's sucha nice dog. very guai wan. doesn't bark at all. and very huggable!!!

but unfortunately, hunter is not mine. T_T it belongs to my bil (Bro in law)'s niece. BUT the best part is that my sista in law offers to give me a chihuahua. and chihuahua is one of my fav breeds. =D i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking happy!!!!

BUT how to send it back to malaysia? for sure gotta deal with all the paperwork thingy. mdm Y gave a red light cause she said she doesn't want to go through pain and blablabla again. and i am not sure whether dad allows it or not. he doesn't seem ok with the idea and told me he's like mom and doesn't want to go through that anymore. sigh. (we are still mourning for dadadarling's passing, eventhough i hardly blog about her on her anniversary. speaking of which, it'll be her 10th-month anniversary on the coming 16th july. T_T )

sigh, whatever it is. i really want a pet. i really want to keep a dog or rabbit. what a life without dogs/rabbits. lordgeez. really so lala like that. life without a dog is so incomplete.

hunter really made my day. i was actually so damn mad at 2ndsistasoh cos she sprayed some room spray or don't know what in the whole house and i was sleeping and the smell woke me up and i felt damn dizzy. i really cannot stand some fragrances or perfumes or whatever airfresherners that have strong smells. they goink me out. i scolded her, slammed the door and went back to sleep though i nearly choked myself to death. and refused to get out from the room when the visitors stopped by. not until my dad came over to the room again and said they are getting the dog out from the car for me to see! i jumped off the bed and hurriedly went to the living room and hugged hunter!!

i'm so excited to blog about it that i didn't bother to add in the raspberriescherrythingy onto the pics. finished my dinner at 7.30pm and i thought i have to wait at least half an hour before i take my shower (that's what my ex housemates told me. no shower right after meals. must wait at least 30 mins. else will become fat.) i really oblige the rule eh. wtf. doesn't make any difference since i'm so damn fat now. wtf. but whatever it is it's already 8.45pm. so i should really go take my shower. wtf.

(pls pray that i get green lights to bring the chihuahua back to malaysia okie. pls!)

yet another..

i cant bloody sleep soundly IF i didn't write these out.

i hate ********.

dont know why on earth need to cause me so much troubles?! and made me stay up till so late just to find out my record does not exist. then how then how then how now??!!!

why on earth for holygracioussakes do they have to make our lives so superbly complicated and ma huan? why need us to fill up those questionnaires when the stupidmorondarndest thing doesn't even work at all! my name is on the listt! i so can prove to YOU that but how come is not in your blooodyhellovacacated system!! tell me HOW NOW! how now how now! T_T

darn to the idiotlalas lawmakers and the persons behind these whole idea- the kononnya bijaklalas who suggested this to be done to us and who added another obstacle along our paths just so when we thought everything's over!

i'm so ****ing pissed. and worried.


(edited: and it's not bloody 12.32 as shown below this post for the time i blogged this entry, but it's bloody 02.52 now. the time setting is meant for toronto time not SK's! so now y'folks know how much time i've spent trying to logon to the stupid site in my attempts to fill up the stupid questionnaires! *fumed* really wtf.)

Monday, 7 July 2008

just got back from a roadtrip last night.
the roadtrip was fantastic.
shall blog more about it later.