Monday, 24 November 2008


there Sun.shine.

i am now back to the reality.
life has been great for the past 6 months or so.
one of the greatest moments in my life. i would have to say.
i do not regret for the decision that i made nor am i mad for the circumstaces that had me resortted to making up that sort of decision.
i am glad that it happened as the way it did.

darn to the people who could not fathom why i did that.
it is my life and i truly feel blessed as i have the opportunity to do so. and it is great to have your family and loved ones to support you no matter what.

i guess my family and my loved ones (eg, close friends) are the only bunch of people who never pressure or talk me into start working. esp my family. till now they never brought up the subject of me getting a job or something. where as the matter of me working has been a great concern for some people. for some reasons that i could not even fathom.
like hello?? why ****ing care so much about what i do in my life?!
pls do not misunderstand. it is not that i do not want to work or something. (i truly truly want and cannot wait to embark into the working world) but what i am trying to say here is that some people just have something to say when they see you not working after you graduated or something.
like hello? sometimes in life, it's not up to me to plan or decide things.
it happened because it happened.
and i do not understand why there are so many sour people in this world. -__-

yes, i may be jobless for another month (i have to be there for 4thsistasoh's big day and hence another extra month off),
or months ahead (if i still haven't found a job and / or havn't start looking for one after that);

i may be poor,

but i feel contented and happy. for now. and for the past 6 months or so. =)

laugh, for if you think i am a failure.
but do not be envious.

Saturday, 15 November 2008


From today onwards, everything will be the last.

The routes, the places that i visited, things that i saw, path that i took and streets that i walked past, roads and highways that i crossed and walked by, i do not know when i can go back and do all that again.

I could not even go back to the places i visited today.

Tonight, is the last saturday night.
my heart ache a little. just a... little.

It is just another phase; another chapter- the challenge ones.
sometimes i look forward to it; sometimes not.

you know what? maybe not. not at all.

I shall be back, one day.
And that keeps me going everyday when i am back to the reality.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Time like this.

A costly but sweet promise was made today.
Out of expectation.
And i love surprises, as such. ;)

A promise, a seal, a commitment.

And, and i had my pearl milk tea, finally.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


today, is the very last day;
a day to determine the next president of the united states;
a yet to be another historic day if Obama wins.
a day to another better days for the days to come.

tonight is the last night;
to be in the place where you have gotten so used to and font of.

the people. the weird neighbours. the noisybutkindasweet kids. the malls. the whole area itself. the spacious apartment. the study. the bathroom. the storerooms. the walk-in cabinets. the kitchen. the dining area. the scenery from the living room. the hugehumongous tree. the caretaker who drives without closing the car door. the morning school buses. the morning school kids. the morning parents. the 7.30am. the 8.35am. the 3.30pm. the 4.15/4.30pm. the postwoman. the fitness centre. ah.. the pool. the jaccuzies. the sauna. the steam room. the loker room. the dull halloween. that particular wendy's. that particular mcd. the lousy chinese restaurant with the worse buffet ever. the chinese restaurant with the hardest full-chinese menu to read ever.the kroger. the drummets. the futuristiccarwash. and the manyotherthings.

tonight is the bloody night;
where i spent close to rm100 on a 2 bloody yards of black lace which i have yet to decide what to do with it. like really wtf. anyone wants to buy? i do not think i need that much even. triple wtf. let me know if you are interested.

leaving a place has never been easy. never.

you leave the place, but the people who belong and stay behind are still doing the same chores, the same routine, everyday. it is just another day for them. they move on. and it may takes them just a while to forget you and eradicate your everything.

but somehow, it takes you forever to forget how your life was when you were here.
you are basically clinging to the memory that you have during this short period of time that you have here.
you definitely gonna miss here.

but ah well, that's life. life moves on.

eh, as i was typing these out, barack hussein obama wins. =D
wonder what will mrS says later. ahha.

the first ever buburchacha (with superlots of tapioca pearls) that i cooked. no taros. as i could not find any. malas to blog about the taro thing which i innitially wanted to blog about as it was something funny back then (about the taros and sweet potatoes) but then i do not think it's funny anymore. so fi.

unno and arlo. typically means yeahlorh. =)

and btw, i made a fool of myself when i said 'neh' (instead of saying 'there'/'overthere') aloud today. and it was funny to see the look on the face. both surprised and clueless.