Wednesday, 28 May 2008

home sweet home.

i miss home. lots.
i miss yongkwang's chamee. lots.
i miss my bed. lots.
i miss my four pillows. lots.
i miss my bolster. lots.
(sometimes i wonder how can people sleep without bolster? it amazes me how people can sleep without bolster. i can't sleep well without bolster. i've been having nightmares every nite. yes, EVERY BLOODY NIGHT since the day i got here. terrible. and i hate nitemares. i hate dreaming. paling benci to max. and i don't have bolster here. DON"T HAVE BOLSTER. huhuuhu i only have one bloody pillow to sleep on. can u imagine? life's sucks. how can i sleep with only one pillow? dahlah tak ada bolster. cisbedebah. terrible. no wonder every night got nightmare. huhuhuh :'( )

and to CYisTaller,
i'm going off for a road trip tomorrow which is your 29.5.2008 for like more than 10 days and as far as i remember, u'll be going back to your hometown on that day (if not mistaken).. and since i wouldn't be able to say this personally and directly through msn (i havn't seen you online for ages and i don't know when can i logon again whilst away.):

have a nice safe and pleasant trip back home okies.
enjoy ur holidays and the presence of your family and friends.

have a blast~ =)

ps: gei woh hui yin, mei you de hua, woh jiu yao bau jing la.
(give me a response. else i'm gonna make a police report.)

kai wan siao la. (just kidding.)

and to wpbigmomma,
PLS update me with the convo thingy (if there's any) okies.
drop me an email or something.
will get back to you asap whenever i have the access to the internet or something.
thanks heaps. =)

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

i lost it.

alas. i lost my handcuff.
can no longer get a replacement.
very angry. very mad. very sakit hati(heartache).

Monday, 26 May 2008


i hate spiders.
and am scared of them.
i mean like seriously.
but i guess i'm getting really good in overcoming the fear.

i killed one of the ugliest spiders i've ever seen in my entire life yesterday.
happpyyyyyyyyyyyy. =)
stupid spiders.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


i'm gonna blog about my hair again.
i'mmmmmmmmmmmmmm so blooooooooooooooooooodyyyyyyyyyyyyyy regreeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttt for getting it cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's soooooooooooooooooo shortttttttttttt nowwwwwwwwwwwwww that i'm misssssssssssssingggggggggggggg my longgggggggggggggg hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 19 May 2008

bored and restless

i think i'm going nuts.
sien sien sien

Sunday, 18 May 2008

the story begins with

... tonnes of pictures:

catching up with qi over breakfast a day before he left.

the precious strain of kimmo.

the yummylicious bowl of laksa special.
wouldn't be special without the strain of kimmo right, qi?
(but no doubt the laksa was really good.)

mr poser, the qi.



salma M and wpbigmomma's trip to kch:
dinner with salma M and wpbigmomma.

missing hk as much:

really go nuts and donuts seeing them.

the donutilicious chessy something something.

i was at the Spring with salma M and wpbigmomma during their trip to kch weeks ago. and right, i found out the big apple donuts & coffee, and mylord, there was sooooooooooooo manyyyyyyyyy people queuing up to get the donuts!!! i came across the shop in someone's blog and heard the donuts are famous. but i dont know cause i havn't tried it. so my guess is-they'r good indeed.

i remember when secret recipe opened its first branch in kch (the one located near upwell, uhm..whats the name of the road again? sigh..lupa sorry...), it wassss soooooooooooo sooo crowded. the whole shop was like gonna burst. i remember there was a night 4thsistasoh and bil drove past the area, i was like fullamak and was behtahan seeing kch people behaving that way.
and now look at the secret recipe now. you can easily secure a parking. tsktsk.

this is what happen when a new shop/eatery outlet sets up its new branch in kch. people will start flowing and buzzing in like bees and later right, the outlet will become 'cold'. so don't be depicted by the crowded atmosphere. it doenst prove that the food is good sometimes.

but as for the big apple donuts, i myself isn't really sure about it.
my guess is donuts itself are jewels by their own.
whatever it is it cannot be compared with krispykreme i think. l0L.
but still, u can't have too much of krispykreme. else u gonna get diabetes.
there was a point in my life that i got so sick of krispy kreme when i was in the states.
my love for it revived when i was in hk that day. went nuts and excited. and suggested mrS and mdmY to have breakfast there. and they agreed! yayy. =D i went nuts of cause.

my territory.

a bear;
and another murakami's which i got from hka.
fav corner in the room =)

another one on the floor.

me and my handsomeboyfriend.
proudly present to you, mr mahatma gandhi. ;)

red rising sun.
it rhymes. wtf.
sunrise in hk.

r0ckkkyy mountains.



love this shot to bits. mylord. im so proud of myself. wtf. whee =)

the retarded me.
taken by salma M and kuching international airport while sending off aunty.
btw, i cut my hair.
and it's superbly short and uglyfugly now.
i regret.
and missing my long hair.
but the haircut was really cheap.
so long never had sucha cheap haircut.
i miss lina.
my old hairdresser who cut my hair since ages ago;
from the saloon i'd been dutifully and faithfully visited each time i would like to cut my hair.
but the new hairdresser is ok too. no offense. but i don't like the ambiance of the new saloon.

speaking of hair, i've got to admit that i'm so chicken to chopping off my hair and trying out the new hairstlyes. i'm not the type who would actually try out all sorts of haircut, be it short, layered, permed or whatnot cos i dont have the balls to do it most of the time cause i scared the outcome of it will scare the hell out of me and i would end up living in hell till the time i could get a new hairstyle again. and because of that, i've been having the same old new hairstyles for the past few years. until now.
i'm sucha dull person. i don't know why.

and i seriously wish i've the balls to try out new things. new hairstyles. sigh.
so sick of my hair.
now that it's superbly short and ****ly ugly, i can't really do much about it.
hope it'll grow faster so i can do something about it.
i wanted to perm at first. but i scared i'll look really old. and i seriously don't wanna have a permed curly hair during my convo in aug. cause that's so not funny. so in the end i decided to chop it off instead of perming it. and i did it on the eve before i left kch so didn't have much time to dye my hair cause had to rush back to do my last minute packing.
if it wasn't out of a last min thing, and if it wasn't my 4thsistasoh, i wouldn't bring myself to cut the blody long hair. shit. regret now.

the stupid basement is stupidily cold and i seriously gonna die here if i spend too much sitting here doing my work in front of the computer.

my bro in law (bil in short) hasn't managed to set up the wireless network thingy. but thankgod he bought me an adapter so i can get my lappy charged. so since i've not much choice now, i have to resolve to saving every pictures and stuffs from my notebook and transfer them to the computer down at the basement and start doing my stuff.

that's all for now.
cold andddddd cold. stupid weather.

Monday, 12 May 2008


i'm mad and angry and mad and hungry.

Thursday, 8 May 2008


... the laksa pics (as reminded by the qi) triggered my intention to write.

and secondly, it is because of the stupid connection.
it's so damn slow that it's taking FOREVER to attach a single file!!!!
and that drives me CRAZY! mylord i tell you.

i've been complaining a lot. about the connection thingy.
but apparently there's nothing much i can do about it.
just gotta be patient.
patience baby. patience is the word. the key. lord.
i can't wait.
for next week.
to be exact.
despite the fact that i've decided not to bring my lappy over,
i do seriously hope the connection wouldn't be as stupid as the one back home! uh.

thirdly, i'm gonna blog about the salma M and wanpengbigmomma's trip to kuching.

mrS is having lunchie now. guess i'd better teman him.
blog later. =p