Thursday, 26 July 2007


i was walking around with a fren of mine in a shopping mall the other day.
and wherever we went, particularly when we stepped into the shops, the sales girls would keep following me around and cant take their eyes off me. and that sucks can. made me so uneasy! and we went to borders to check out some books and the alarm thingy sudd went off immediately right after i stepped into the shop, and the security guard rushed over n wanted to check what's inside my bag. so i brought out all the things that me+my frens bought that day. n i said 'must be the book i bought from popular can.' so well, they had to rescan the book that i bought from popular n i was later 'released' n given the freedom to walk around in the store. cis. soon later, i found out why they did that. all because i was bringing this huge bag from bitten by sarah jessica parker which i bought in manhattan. and my fren was ofcos, blaming me for bringin the big bag. yet she dumped all the things she bought into my bag. so see? it's bijak and useful to have a big bag tag along whenever u go shopping, but con is that big bag stirs up the suspicious look and thought that there's a possibility that u're a pencuri.

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