Wednesday, 25 July 2007

da threemuskerteers

J told me Clement, the good looking French guy has gone back to France.
And I’ve just realized I didn’t even take a single pic with him and Emmanuel; another French guy who is super-ly hilarious. I think he looks and behaves like Mr Bean.
I miss the three awesome guys whom I’ve lived in with for more than a month.
Emmanuel even took the effort to write me a note on a piece of A4 size paper and left it on top of my luggage. Yeah I know, it was merely a note but then he wrote in the middle of the night ok (just hours before I left Blacksburg.)
I’ve been arguing a lot with J a lot lately. Everything he does, regardless of what he does, he pisses me off. I wonder why. *ponder ponder* could it be Pms?
Melacca trip was rather exhausting.
But I did have some time off to talk to J over the phone. :D
For the first time in my uni life, I had problem deciding on which tee shud I be wearing to school today. And that really sucks can.
All happened because of 3 lousy pair of jeans.
I opened up my wardrobe and found like 3 pairs of lousy jeans which by any means, didn’t look nice on me. i tried one of them and tried to match it with a polo tee. It looks good at first. But towards the end, I looked into the mirror again, and found out that I look terrible in it. So decided to change the top. Well, till I fed up.
At the end decided to wear a pair of 3 quarter pants paired with a mini tee.
I can’t believe the 3 other pairs of jeans which are with me all these while are so cacated. out of shape with fuggly cuttings. Uh.
Time to get a new one. A new pair of levis.
one of my close friends is a die hard fan of levis. I mean like, she owns countless pairs of levis. And last time when she bought it, I was like ‘haiyo, so expensive. Not worth it lah’. Then she said ‘wait til u own it, u’ll find that u’ll never want to wear any others jeans (other brand) except levis’.
So finally I got myself one. And the first one was orgasmic. And I then, knew how she feels.
Eyeing for the next pair of levis.
There are heaps of things that I need:
1.Good pair of jeans.
2.a good watch. Preferably dkny’s. tees.
4.extra pocket money.
5.all of the above.(so i can get the first 3 things) *grinz*

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